Wildlife Atlas (Hardcover) by John Farndon

Astronomy (Activators) by John Farndon

128 pagesHodder Children's Books (17 Jun 1998)

A practical introduction to astronomy. It explains all the basics, from the planets of our own solar system to the mysteries of deep space. The emphasis is on what to look for and how to find it, with or without binoculars or telescope. Starcharts are included.

Wildlife Atlas (Hardcover) by John Farndon

Universe Explained: An earth-dweller’s guide to the mysteries of space Editor Colin Ronan; written by John Farndon and others

192 pagesThames & Hudson/Henry Holt & Co (October 1994)

Taking Earth as its starting point and observatory, this book moves outwards through the cosmos, using images from the latest space telescopes, specially drawn colour artwork, and colour graphics to focus successively on the planets, the sun and stars, nebulae and galaxies; then pulls together these diverse elements to explain how the system works as a whole. An integrated cross-referencing system keys each section to the larger picture.


“What I loved about this book is the way that [the author] always tries to move beyond mere description. He concentrates on the questions that the young, enquiring mind is always posing and that the up-to-date teacher is eager to answer...The Universe Explained satisfies natural astronomical curiosity. It is beautifully produced, superbly coloured, well indexed and cross-referenced and it is great fun to use. Not only is each spread self-contained but the reader is also given ample encouragement to explore related topics. All teachers and all scholars need books like this. And with books like this no one has an excuse for not understanding science.” 

Carole Stott, New Scientist

“Covering everything from rotation to relativity, comets to Pluto, and big bang theory to time travel, this outstanding overview explains the whys of the universe, making astronomy understandable.....Clear and informative graphics surround concise, readable descriptions. The exceptional artwork is characterized by dazzling colors and well-planned graphic design...this title is sure to be a hit with earth science students” 

David B. O'Hara, School Library Journal

“[The author] has written a book that explains the marvel and mystery of the universe for all ages...A welcome addition to any collection for budding scientist or curious information seeker, The Universe Explained is recommended for all school or public libraries. Reading any topic in this book is like taking an excursion to an astronomy exhibition or space museum”


“Enjoy a basic overview of the planets, universe, and galaxies in a expansive title which uses a fine visual and graphics approach to detailing solar system and universe evolution.”

Midwest Book Review

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