John Farndon Author

John Farndon is the London-based author of well over 300 reference and general interest books for children and adults, including best-sellers such as How Science Works (Dorling Kindersley/Readers Digest), How the Earth Works (Dorling Kindersley/Readers Digest), the Harper Collins Children's Encyclopedia and Do Not Open (Dorling Kindersley).

"[John Farndon’s] 'Do Not Open' is a treasure trove of hidden, ‘naughty’ tidbits that will surely give any kid a feeling of mischief while they’re actually learning to love knowledge...Are you telling me that doesn’t sound like the best kid’s book ever?"

Kyle Olson, Hipster Book Club

His books have been translated into most major languages. He writes for both adults on contemporary issues in books such as China Rises (Virgin Books) and 101 Facts you should know about Food (Icon Books), and for children on a wide range of subjects, from nature and environment to the frontiers of science.

In 2007, he was shortlisted for the fourth time for what is now called the Royal Society Science Book Junior Prize for Science Investigations: Electricity. His other shorltisted titles were How the Earth Works (Dorling Kindersley), What Happens When? (Scholastic) , and The Complete Book of the Brain (Hodder). John Farndon has also been interviewed on radio in the UK, USA and Australia many times and appeared on TV in the UK to do science demonstrations for children.

Recent Book

India Booms by John Farndon (Planet Virgin, £12.99)

Review - "The title says it all. As India celebrates the 60th anniversary of its independence, this is an excellent, balanced overview of the world’s largest democracy and now major force on the international stage. India is set to rival China with its booming economy, ever-swelling population and cutting-edge technology – and we are all feeling the effects.

Cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai have been transformed by I.T. (and British call centres). Already 200 of the world’s biggest 500 companies have their computer operations based in India, and countless Indians have become computer millionaires. And yet it is a nation of contradictions, traditionally anti-materialist, profoundly spiritual, the birthplace of four major world religions, home to 40 per cent of the world’s malnourished children – and a fully fledged nuclear power. Farndon’s exploration of modern India is informative and enlightening."

Carla Mckay, Daily Mail