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What Happens When ...?: You Turn on the TV, Flick on a Light, Mail a Letter by John Farndon

What Happens When ...?: You Turn on the TV, Flick on a Light, Mail a Letter by John Farndon; illustrated by Steve Fricker and Mike Harnden

45 pages Scholastic/Wayland (1996)

An explanation of the technological processes behind such things as ordering a pizza by telephone, flushing a toilet, and watching a weather forecast on television. Colorful cartoon-style illustrations accompany the text.

Shortlisted, Rhone-Poulenc Science Book Junior Prize 1997


"What Happens When...? explains how Internet messages travel, how weather forecasters predict the weather and how flowers get to florists. Copious illustrations show the often elaborate chain of events behind everyday activities like flipping on a light switch or having a pizza delivered."

Publishers Weekly

"In a world of microwaves and instant-just-add-water, it's easy not to pause and think about where that water came from. Farndon, Fricker, and Harnden have created a visually entertaining format for simply stated, clearly defined explanations of the technology behind 13 ordinary processes...a wonderful place to stop wondering about the world and start understanding the way it works."

Kirkus Reviews

"My boys (3 & 6) love this book and read it over and over again... I recommend it for any child who is always asking how things work."

dm keegan, Amazon customer

Collins Children's Encyclopedia by John Farndon

Collins Children's Encyclopedia by John Farndon (Author)

272 pagesCollins (July 3,1996; 2000)/Award

With over 700 entries, this encyclopaedia covers 130 different subjects from Ancient Greece to Modern America, breathing and eating to butterflies and moths, climate and weather to computers and electronics - and is ideal both for quick fact-checking or as a source of information for more detailed projects. The subjects are arranged thematically, which presents information in a wider context, and fact panels and detailed captions throughout invite the reader to "browse" through the subjects and explore them in more depth. Tables containing geographic, astrological and biographical details at the end of the book provide further essential information.

The Big Book of Knowledge by John Farndon

The Big Book of Knowledge by John Farndon, Angela Koo

383 pages Parragon (January 2002)

Tons of fascinating facts about people, animals, plants, and more! This unique reference offers full-color illustrations, helpful diagrams, fact panels, quizzes, and more, all designed to exercise your mind.


"I love this book! ..the book is awesome and it handles the science talks very responsibly and maturely and even though there were pages I did not personally believe in and chose not to teach my children -- I would not hesitate in purchasing it again!"

D.Alton, Amazon customer

"I cannot praise this amazing, wonderful book enough. I bought it for my sharp, curious four-year-old daughter and she loves it, often requesting a reading from it at bedtime instead of her storybooks... It is factually accurate, SPECTACULARLY illustrated, visually interesting, very readable, and somehow, believe it or not, excellent and useful for persons aged 4 through adult. If I could, I would buy every child a copy."

A L Green, Amazon customer

Encyclopedia (Pocket Guides) (Paperback) by John Farndon

Encyclopedia (Pocket Guides) (Paperback) by John Farndon (Author)

512 pages DK CHILDREN; 1st American ed., rev. ed edition (April 1, 1997)

An amazingly compact, full-color, illustrated encyclopedia that is really small enough to carry in your pocket. With information on every major subject, more than 1,000 photographs, and fact boxes, this is an indispensable family reference book. - This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


"The Pockets Encyclopedia--which must be the world's smallest one-volume encyclopedia--gives new meaning to the idea of ready reference. This heavily illustrated mini-encyclopedia with maximum answer potential would make a thoughtful gift for just about anyone, especially students and trivia buffs...the print is tiny. But how else could they have included 10,000 facts, figures, and statistics?"

Marcie Bovetz, Amazon.com

"What a wonderful little book!! The book is small and the color pictures are awesome and so it the wealth of information. I carry it in my purse to read when I have time away from home"

gdhse, Amazon customer

Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia

Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia (DK Encyclopedia) (Hardcover) Authors include John Farndon

800 pages Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd (many editions, 6 Jul 2006)

This treasure trail of discovery breaks the mould of children's encyclopedias". - "Daily Mail". Whether for homework, school projects, or just for fun, you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about anything and more in the "DK Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia". From computers to music, space exploration to the natural world all the essential subjects are here, plus hundreds of fascinating little-known facts you'll want to learn and share.


"This is a superb resource for school and home, worthy of browsing any time."

Emilie Coulter, Amazon.com

"...this exciting Encyclopaedia is a must-have for classroom and home, allowing children to access a world of information through one impressive volume."

Susan Harrison, Amazon.co.uk

"This book encapsulates the essence of Knowledge. My 8 year old couldn't stop reading this."

Amazon customer

The illustrations are excellent and the information all seems accurate to us, at least so far. We will enjoy this book for many years and through many children’

Allison Ebert, Amazon customer

"I ordered three copies for my library which have become so popular that I plan to order two more to keep up with the demand. My next goal is to try to get one into each of the seven classrooms in my school!" Amazon customer

Acting (Super.Activ) (Paperback) by John Farndon

Acting (Super.Activ) (Paperback) by John Farndon

128 pages Hodder Children's Books (15 Jun 2000)

An enthusiastic and motivational guide for all budding young actors, whether dreaming of winning an Oscar, or performing in the school play. Readers are taken step-by-step through the basics of acting techniques, building a set, acting for the screen, camera work and jobs in the industry

Science Investigations: Electricity by John Farndon

4000 Things You Should Know by John Farndon

256 pages Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd; New Ed edition (August 15, 2003)


“It covers so many topics and in an easy to understand way for fast easy information. Great pictures for all. Every child should own one. Maybe even every adult."

C. Lebrea-Minton, Amazon customer

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4000 More Things You Should Know by John Farndon (Author)
243 pages Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd (August 1, 2001)

Dorling Kindersley Concise Encyclopaediaby John Farndon
128 pages Dorling Kindersley; Rev Ed edition (January 28, 1999)